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Ophthalmology Consultants, Ltd. is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care and the research department is an integral part of our practice. As a leader in clinical research, our practice is often approached by pharmaceutical companies specializing in ophthalmology to conduct clinical studies. We are committed to conducting clinical studies that evaluate new medications and surgical innovations (procedures and devices). It’s exciting to work in conjunction with other researchers in the quest to find the safest and most effective medications and treatments to preserve and restore vision due to ocular diseases and conditions.

Patient Safety

To ensure the rights and safety of our research patients, the clinical studies are overseen by the Food and Drug Administration and national Independent Review Boards. Clinical research offers great opportunity to patients, but just like with any medication or surgery there is some degree of risk. The physicians and staff, at Ophthalmology Consultants, always put the safety and welfare of our patients first when deciding participation in FDA supported clinical studies.

Our Philosophy

Patients’ happiness, overall satisfaction, and health interests are vitally important to us. Your participation in a clinical trial may or may not benefit you directly, but your involvement helps advance ophthalmology care for the general population in the future. Much of our country’s research dollars are spent on projects that have little to no benefit for the community, that’s why we conduct clinical research that will directly impact patient care and implement the advancements into medical practice as quickly as possible.

The commitment of our physicians and staff allows our practice to provide and maintain the highest quality of care for each of our valued patients.

Please contact our Research Department directly at 314-686-4401 for information or questions you may have on any of our current clinical trials.

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