LASIK Eye Surgery for St. Louis Missouri

One of our main goals at Ophthalmology Consultants in St. Louis is to make sure that all of our patients are as comfortable as possible during any and all visits with us. We can do this by providing all the information you need about the different processes, procedures, and tests we provide. When it comes to LASIK surgery, there are many things to be considered before deciding to undergo this type of vision correction. On the surface, LASIK may seem like a simple, 10-minute procedure, but it actually uses complex and state-of-the-art technologies. LASIK utilizes the ultraviolet light energy from an Excimer laser to reshape the cornea of the eye. The painless procedure is intended to correct all levels of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The surgeons here at Ophthalmology Consultants understand that opting to go with LASIK surgery is a major decision requires a lot of consideration, especially when it comes to deciding who will perform the procedure. It may ease your mind to know that Ophthalmology Consultants uses two advanced technologies that, according to recent studies, have resulted in more patients achieving 20/20 vision with the highest level of safety available. Furthermore, our expert surgeons have performed more than 16,000 LASIK procedures to date. We provide each patient with a personalized experience by combining the all laser Intralase method of flap creation ( with Custom-Vue technology (

In the past, traditional eye surgery required using an oscillating blade, on the delicate human eye. That means even the slightest mistake could cause some major consequences. Using Intralase, however removes the risk of sharp blades and replaces it a special laser to more safely and precisely create the hinged flap of the cornea. We also use CustomVue System to measure and treat the unique focusing imperfections of your eyes, since your vision is as unique as your DNA or fingerprint. Both of these are FDA approved technologies that offer the most safest and accurate method of vision correction available today.

If you any questions for us at Ophthalmology Consultants  or if would like to learn more about LASIK surgery in St. Louis, MO, feel free to contact us directly. For an in-person consultation with one of our specialized physicians, you may schedule an appointment at any of our locations today.