How We Give Back

September, 2012: Mission Cataract USA

On Saturday, September 8th surgeons from Ophthalmology Consultants, Ltd. and St. Louis Eye Surgery & Laser Center strengthened the Mission Cataract USA’s mission by performing cataract surgery at no charge on 21 financially indigent patients. While most patients lived here locally, others came from all over the country to benefit from this service.

For more information visit Mission Cataract USA.

January, 2012: Eye Care Charity of Mid-America

Each of the past several years, the surgeons of Ophthalmology Consultants have partnered with Clarkson Eyecare to serve the patients of the Eye Care Charity of Mid-America. Our physicians and surgeons perform comprehensive eye exams and cataract surgery in an effort to improve the quality of life for these patients.

In January of this year, Joseph Gira, M.D., once again partnered with the charitable of Clarkson Eyecare to help a very special patient by performing lasik surgery at the Clarkson Eyecare Chesterfield Valley Lasik Center.

By Mike Bush

Chesterfield, MO (KSDK) – Todd Nicely has been looking forward to this day.
“Getting this done today means a lot,” he said. Nicely is a former marine corporal about to get Lasik surgery. “It’s going to take away one less thing I have to worry about like dropping or losing my glasses,” he explained.

But Lasik surgery seems almost ironic because of how much he’s seen. Nicely was badly wounded while leading a patrol in Afghanistan back in 2010. After losing both his arms and his legs, he was not expected to survive. But we were there for his courageous recovery as he was learned to master the use of prosthetic arms and legs. And then a little more than a year later when he remarkably learned to drive again, passing his driver’s test. Now he’s about to have an even clearer vision of his future.

It’s not often that you get Lasik eye surgery for free,” he said. “It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” Nicely’s surgery at Clarkson Eyecare was fully funded by the Clarkson Eyecare Foundation, a non-profit community outreach program.

“I feel proud to be able to contribute something to Corporal Todd Nicely especially after the sacrifices he’s made for our country,” explained Dr. Joseph Gira of Clarkson Eyecare. Admittedly, one of America’s bravest men was a little nervous, but in just minutes, it was done. “Right now, his vision is probably about 20/70 or 20/80 without glasses and by later tonight he will be seeing 20/20,” explained Dr. Gira.

So as his road to recovery continues, Todd Nicely’s glasses are about to meet a terrible fate. “Oh yeah, I want to step on them,” he laughs. In essence, new eyes for this brave marine with so much heart.

Mike Bush, KSDK

To see the video visit the KSDK website.