Contact Lenses for St. Louis

This past decade has seen an overwhelming advance of technology in the medical industry, and the ophthalmology field in particular. Contact lenses alone have come a long way. Contact lenses available on the market today can help address everything from distance and reading problems to astigmatism. And there are all kinds of contact lenses choices to suit various needs. Soft, disposable, extended wear, bifocal, and colored contacts are just a few of the choices out there, and all are available here at Ophthalmology Consultants in St. Louis.

Our contact lens specialist, Dr. Erin C. Sullivan, has years of experience fitting patients with new contact lenses. She has worked with all types of patients, from routine cosmetic lenses to the more complex, including patients who need custom lenses after surgery or to correct corneal diseases like Keratoconus.

In all cases, contact lenses require more evaluation and follow-up than regular eye exams to ensure health and safety when wearing. After a comprehensive eye exam with one of our expert physicians, those who are candidates for lenses can pursue their options. If you are interested in any of our contact lens services in St. Louis, schedule an appointment with us today and let us know.